How to Create a Blog with Blogspot

Would you like to create a blog , but not yet very practical of the computer world you do not know where to start? How about using Blogger (formerly known as Blogspot)? This is a free blogging platform offered by Google that stands out for its ease of use: just a few clicks to go online with your own articles.
If you want my advice, take five minutes of free time and try to find out how to create a blog with Blogspot with the guidance I am about to propose. I bet you'll be surprised at how simple it is to set up a site and then manage it using this platform.
If you want to learn how to create a blog with Blogspot , the first step you need to do is connect to the main page of the service and log in using your account information Google / Gmail. If you do not have a Google account, click Sign located at the top right and create one using the form that you are proposed. It's all absolutely free.
On the page that opens, click New blog to start creating your "corner of the Web" and type the title you want to assign to the blog in the text field. Continue typing the address you want to make accessible through the site (it will be something ) and choose whichgraphic theme you want to use for your pages by clicking on one of the previews available. Finally, click on Create a blogto confirm your choices.

Now you have to create a blog with Blogspot actively beginning to publish content on its pages and customizing all aspects.
To post a new article, click on the orange button with the icon of the pen and use the editor of Blogger to write your post. It is a simple procedure, moreover, the service interface is very similar to that of many traditional text editor.
At the top there are the field to enter the title of the article and a toolbar with buttons to format text (bold, italics, etc.) and insert media elements inside the post ( photos , videos , links , etc. .). On the right side, however, you'll find a bar in which you can type tags ( labels ), program the automatic publication of the article ( planning ) and change the URL of the post ( permalink ).
When you've finished writing, you can publish your work by clicking on the button Post located at the top right or save it as a draft by clicking Save . To preview it in the pages of the blog, click on the button instead Preview .

To change the look of your blog, back in the home page of Blogger and click on the button with the icon of the paper sheet to access the administration panel of the site.
At this point, use the links located in the left sidebar to manage pages and postblog, moderate comments , change thelayout (ie the structure of the pages), change model (graphic theme), viewstatistics about your visits and enter the Google Adsense advertising in layout (Profits ).
Also in this case, there is not need too many explanations. Everything is extremely intuitive and completely in Italian. So I just have to wish you good work and good luck with your new blog.Try to do your best!