How to Index a Blog

In order for that to be successful, a blog has to have not only quality content but also be attractive to Google and other search engines. A site well indexed on Google appear in the top positions on the search results and have greater visibility (ie more clicks) than those found in the following pages.

If you blog, despite the efforts, it is still positioned well on Google, perhaps has some gaps that can be filled in order to become more attractive to search engines.How about if you consider the matter seeing how to index a blog on Google and the like?
Usually, you do not need to do much to index a blog because Google should provide automatically to recognize it and to add it in the search results. Sometimes, however, this does not happen, or your site is taken very little into account by the search engine, so you have to act on its own with a series of features that now I'm going to illustrate.
If, for example, your blog is present in the search results of Google, but is in the second or even third floor, that does not appear in the first results of the research, but in the sub-pages, you can try to get back on top of using common sense rules that Google suggests on its website dedicated to the webmaster.
Among these rules, some of the most important are: frequently update the site / blog, prevent misleading content by keywords or titles not related to the subject, do not use hidden content, do not link to malicious sites and not to the so-called cloaking showing engines Search content than those offered to readers.
To learn more, sign up for free at the Google site for webmasters and register your blog to it by clicking on add a site .In this way, you will have in your hands instructions and valuable tools to better position your site on Google.
Another good way to index a blog is to find out what topics and themes that fascinate more readers in a given time and try to treat them on your site using the right keywords (not forgetting the rules of "fair play" in above).
To find out what the most searched topics in the category of your blog (eg. Information technology, cinema, etc.) You can use Google Insights , a free tool made ​​available by Google that allows you to learn about the latest research statistics in Italy and in the world based on the themes, categories and custom time intervals.
To use it, you just have to connect it to its home page and put the check mark next to the entry time intervals . Then use the drop-down menu Time Intervals and filter to select the length of time (eg. Last 7 days ) and categories (eg. Computer and electronics ) who refine your search and click Search to find topics Hits of the moment.

Finally, I remind you that if your blog does not appear at all in the search results of Google , you can report it to the search engine by connecting to this page and typing the address of your site in the fieldURL .
You can submit your blog on Bing and Yahoo! (which now share the same engine), by linking to this Web page and filling out the form located at the bottom
You'll be able to solve your problems of positioning on Google, and more.