How to jailbreak iphone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S iOS 7

The jailbreak for iOS 7 has arrived - and so there is again access to alternative app store Cydia, which emerge not only programs that have been found by Apple for good. However: The prize money get the developer of evad3rs, the group behind the hack, not. Prerequisite to get to the ten thousand dollars is an open source Jailbreak, but the secrets of the first jailbreak for iOS 7 remain well under wraps: too high a risk that Apple could close the gap quickly.

Most users can's seem to care if you from the risk that the jailbreak virus or malware could be included, disregards. For this we must look forward to a familiar and easy jailbreak installation that runs without restrictions on all iOS-7-compatible devices and with all iOS 7 versions including the latest 7.0.4.


For the jailbreak you need the latest version of iTunes (11.1.3), an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 and the actual jailbreak, evasi0n 7. There is no reason not aufzuspielen the current iOS version 7.0.4, if the still not happened - and who knows when the next time there is the possibility to install an update.
Very important: make backup. Yeah, everyone thinks. I thought so too, but it came as it had to come: For me the Jailbreak stuck. I had my iPhone completely reset - and had no backup.And now no more photos and videos. So at least you should make one ... The easiest folds on iTunes. Here you can select from among storage(OS X) or file (Windows) menu Device there andsync iPhone and Transfer Purchases .

Start evasi0n

iTunes is not running, the iPhone is on, but not plugged in. Now we start the actual jailbreak program evasi0n 7. Possibly it logs on OS X with the message "evasi0n 7 can not be opened because it comes from an unverified developers". Should this happen, select right-click on the file and select "Open" - then go.
The program responds with the familiar welcome screen and asks you to plug in the iPhone. No sooner said than done: The connected iOS device is detected and you should see the following screen. If in spite of iOS 7 is not the case, we recommend that you restore the iPhone through iTunes.

Perform jailbreak

A click on the Jailbreak button and the program does what it should. The process takes only a few minutes. The iPhone will reboot, and on the home screen there is a new icon: the the jailbreaks.
Once the program prompts you to start the evasi0n App. The phone will boot twice more new and traverses the second boot the actual jailbreak including installation of alternative app stores Cydia, which is now to be found on the home screen.

Solve problems

And what if not? In rare cases, there are problems with the jailbreak on iOS 7. But that's no problem. From irreparable damage caused by installing a evasi0n hacks, there are no reports in unmanipulated hardware.

iTunes will not boot

You want to open iTunes, but the window will flash briefly and then disappear? Do not worry - this is not a problem. As long evasi0n still running, prevents the program that launches iTunes. Simply close evasi0n and ready.

iPhone locks up / will not boot
In rare cases (and unlucky like me often) when it comes to jailbreak problems: When you start the iPhone with the luminous white apple remains on the display and is not recognized by iTunes.Here's something went wrong. The probability that the device automatically restarts and working again, is low - and by now is looking forward anyone who has made a backup.
The solution is the recovery mode of the iPhone.For this purpose we put it on via USB to the computer and launch iTunes first. Then we press the Home button three seconds and then additionally the on-off button for about ten seconds. As soon as the display goes out, we can let go of the one-off, but continue to hold the home button is pressed! After a few more seconds, iTunes reports: It has discovered an iPhone in maintenance mode and want to restore it. No sooner said than done: The iPhone will restart. However, the jailbreak is gone, if it ever had it - who wants to try it again, again starts up.

Remove Jailbreak

And how do I do the jailbreak away again if I have changed my mind? No Problem. First, make backup, then select in iTunes when plugged iPhone "Restore" - that's it.