How to make money online legally

Gain on the Web you can, but be careful, the mechanics of the Net are not so different from those of the so-called real world. There are "jobs", to everyone, that allow you to supplement their income (for those lucky enough to have one!) And more solid business but take months, if not years, of sacrifice and study. Not to mention the healthy dose of luck they need all the business start-ups.

Today I would like to take care of both of these types of activities trying to give you ideas apply to all those - numerous - write to me asking how to make money online legally without falling victim to fraudulent circuits or sites of dubious reputation. It can, it is not a mission impossible, but apply to the above understandings.

If you settle for earning a few tens of euro, even on a casual basis, you'll surely find a way to do it. If you wish to take advantage of the Web to set up a real work, the matter becomes more complicated! The results that will keep your computer will depend on your enthusiasm, from your state of preparedness for the area where you decide to work and the way you know promote your initiative.

Online commerce

Among the activities that make more at the present, there is definitely the trade online. But beware, there is a difference between the empty cellar and sell some object used on eBay and set up shop online.

Sell ​​used items

If you do not have aspirations of professional and you just want to make some money, you can sell used items (such as books, games, phones etc.) On one of the many services available online classifieds or auctions.

The first, such as and Kijiji , generally are preferred for the lack of cost insertion or commissions. However, auction sites, such as the famous eBay , remain the first choice when it comes to selling rarer items or sought. In my post on how to sell mobile I gave you some "tips" on how to create effective ads to be published on the ones and others.

Open an online store

If you want to do "serious", that you want to set up a business focused on online commerce (perhaps by expanding the activities of a real store) you can choose between various solutions.

  • Services ecommerce ready - there are online services that allow you to open ecommerce sites in a few clicks without writing a single line of code or deal with complicated configurations. One of these is Blomming that allows you to create an online store with prices starting at € 9.99 / month (even if to get a custom domain and sell an unlimited number of objects must pay 24.99 euro / month).
  • CMS - the most professional way to open an ecommerce website is to purchase a domain Web, an online space and install a CMS on the latter. A CMS is a kind of software that helps you manage your site content and objects in the catalog of the store in a highly flexible way. There are many to choose from: WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop etc., Each of which has its strengths and its flaws. This type of solution is suitable only to those who are good enough on the subject computer, or choose to rely on professionals for the start of its business online commerce.
  • Windows on existing store - Amazon and eBay sellers offer professionals the opportunity to open an online showcase and sell items on their pages. The ideal solution for those who already have a store in real life and wants to expand their online activities without becoming embroiled in the management of an independent store.

Blogs and websites

You think you have the ideas and the right skills to open a website successful? Well, then we see at once what roads you can follow to achieve this goal.

  • Start a blog or a website - if you want to create a site and turn it into a source of stable income and satisfying, know that the road is uphill. Very uphill. Advertising does not pay more as a few years ago and the market blog is pretty saturated, so it is more difficult to emerge. However, if you want to "seriously" I advise you to give up the free platforms (eg. Blogspot, or Altervista) and to proceed in the most professional manner. Buy a domain Web , associalo in a space tailored to online your needs and your traffic forecasts and creates a site / blog using a suitable CMS (content management system).
  • Learn to use Adsense - one of the leading systems for monetizing content sites and blogs you post banner ads on them. Run then read my guide on how to make money with AdSense and learn how to take their first steps into this world.
  • Services of affiliate marketing - you can make money on the Internet also participating in affiliate marketing programs. What it is? I'll explain. Some large companies, such as Amazon and Apple , allow the creation of sponsored links and gain small percentages on objects or digital content which are purchased by the latter. Read more 'look at my tutorial on how to make money with a website in which I told you about plenty of these systems.
  • Promotion on social networks - to increase traffic to their site (and advertising revenue) must consolidate its presence on social networks and intelligently promote their own content. Once you reach a good number of followers on Twitter and Facebook, you can leverage social profiles also to make some money. How? Like I said in my post on how to make money with Facebook and how to make money with Twitter .

If you do not want to create a site to turn it into a real business but you content to supplement their income with the creation of a small blog, you can rely on Google Blogspot and monetize your content through Adsense. More info about the find in my tutorial on how to create a blog with Blogspot .

Put fruit in your passions!

There are many ways to make money online legally and exploit their passions. The creation of a Web site is just one of these, below there are other ways that you can follow (hopefully at a profit, but it always takes a lot 'of luck and perseverance).

  • Ami write? Then you try to write a book and publish it on self-publishing platforms like Lulu and Amazon. Using them, you can turn in your written paper books or ebooks without going through the judgment of a publisher. To learn more, read my guide on how to publish a book .
  • Do you love photography? You may think you sell your shots online on a site like 500px .
  • Are you a video-maker or a gamer? Try to make money your passion becoming a YouTube-star and gaining through banner advertising and partnership systems. I told you about in detail in my guide on how to make money with YouTube .
  • Achieve handmade items? You can sell them on Etsy , a popular online service allows you to have a digital showcase and sell handmade items paying about 20 cents for each advert + a commission of 3.5% on sales.